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Calliope Classics
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Charlie Lowe, Jackie Kaspersin and Charles E. Lowe (sound engineer)


Calliope Classics Volume I

  1. In The Good Old Summertime 2:23 MP3
  2. Down Yonder 2:19
  3. Oh, You Beautiful Doll 2:05 MP3
  4. The Natchez And The Robert E. Lee 2:25
  5. Illinois Loyalty March 2:39
  6. Notre Dame Victory March 2:27 MP3
  7. Across The Field 2:09
  8. On Iowa 2:07
  9. Hail Purdue 2:15
  10. On Wisconsin 2:04 MP3
  11. Under The Double Eagle 1:40
  12. The Billboards Bazaar 1:59
  13. The Skaters Waltz 2:25 MP3
  14. Danube Waves Waltz 2:28 MP3
  15. Dream Of Heaven Waltz 2:24
  16. D.K.E. Waltz 2:27
  17. Il Trovatore Waltz 2:00
  18. Zenda Waltzes 2:20
  19. La Soiree Waltz 2:13
  20. Composia Waltzes 2:12
  21. Wedding Of The Winds 2:08
  22. Dark Town Strutters Ball 1:35
  23. Robinsonís Grand Entry March 2:29
  24. Stein Song 2:31
  25. Dixie 1:48
  26. American Ace March 1:44
  27. Officer Of The Day 3:04
  28. Burning Of Rome 2:38
  29. Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet 2:29
  30. Man On The Flying Trapeze 2:39
  31. Sweet Rosie OíGrady 2:37
  32. The Old Gray Mare 2:25
  33. Sidewalks Of New York 2:16
  34. On Wisconsin 2:04
Total Time 77:33

Calliope Classics Volume II

  1. Repasz Band March 3:12
  2. El Capitan March 2:24 MP3
  3. Free Lance March 2:32
  4. Jack Tar March 2:21 MP3
  5. Hands Across The Sea 2:37 MP3
  6. Semper Fidelis 2:43
  7. Washington Post March 2:17
  8. US Field Artillery March 2:18
  9. Volunteers March 2:15
  10. Wisconsin, Forward Forever 2:30
  11. Willow Blossom March 2:30 MP3
  12. For Me And My Gal 2:14 MP3
  13. Memphis Blues 1:43 MP3
  14. Dardanella 2:15
  15. Barnum and Baileyís Favorite March 3:41
  16. Bambasto March 3:08
  17. Chariot Race March 3:59
  18. Stars And Stripes Forever 2:22
  19. Columbia The Gem Of The Ocean 2:33
  20. Let Me Call You Sweetheart 2:29
  21. Down By The Old Mill Stream 2:01
  22. Smiles 1:46
  23. Goiní Home / Sailiní On 2:15
  24. American Victory 3:55
  25. National Emblem March 2:27
  26. After The Ball 2:25
  27. On The Square 3:29
  28. Lights Out 3:58
  29. Mary 2:10
  30. Quadrille 2:00

Total Time 78:33

Charles E. Lowe, Recording Engineer
Proceeds benefit
New York Museum of Transportation 
PO Box 136, West Henrietta, NY 14586
© 2010
      Along with the hoot of the trolley whistle, the voice of 
New York Museum of Transportation, near Rochester, N.Y., 
is its calliope. Donated to NYMT in the 1990s after a career 
as a favorite in Rochester-area parades, the calliope had been 
silent for several years before repairs were made in early 2009.

      Calliopes date from the mid-1800s. Whistles fed with 
steam and operated from a keyboard produced a loud, almost 
deafening sound when heard close-up. When circuses began 
traveling to towns by railroad after the Civil War, the calliope was 
the perfect instrument to draw townspeople to the performances.
      NYMTís calliope is a CA-43 calliope built about 1920 by 
the Tangley Company of Muscatine, Iowa. Electricity is used to 
power several motors. One runs a compressor which supplies 
low-pressure air to the whistles. Another motor drives a vacuum 
system for the paper roll reader. Two more motors, one for forward 
and another for rewind, moves the punched paper roll past a reader 
bar. The paper roll system is similar to those used on player pianos
and band organs. Paper rolls with punched slots are drawn past a 
stationary bar with a series of vacuum hoses, one for each whistle. 
When a hole in the paper appears, the inrush of air actuates a valve 
which in turn admits compressed air into its whistle. On NYMTís 
calliope, a total of 43 whistle sounds are actuated by 43 lines of 
punched holes; a 44th slot is for actuating the rewind mechanism. 
By careful arrangement of the punched holes, the whistles are 
sounded in sequence to form the fascinating songs you will hear 
on this disc. NYMTís calliope can also be played from a keyboard.
      These recordings were made during the summer of 2009 
in the former hay barn which now forms the main exhibit hall of NYMT. 
The calliope was set in an open area between a Philadelphia snow 
sweeper and an elegant Texas interurban parlor car, and a system 
of two microphones used to feed signals into a digitizer. 
The electronic files so formed were then edited and arranged 
for publication.

      Since NYMTís calliope is only operated for a very few special 
events, this two-volume set of selected songs is a rare opportunity
to hear the voice of NYMT.

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2844-46 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY 14616
(585) 621-6270